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Susan Burns, MA, LMHC

Susan Burns's focus is on the inner and/or outer family through seeing the whole person in a personal and relational context. She believes that we live in a world that is relational that begins with personal essence (spirit). We can learn to be in line with our essence and learn to live form it.  Whether the pain we feel is cultural, familial, intrapersonal or interpersonal, it always come down to relationship and empowerment through choices that we make on behalf of that essence in ourselves and others. The work becomes  one of conscious inter-relationship whether the focus is on family issues, adult transition, children with special needs, or the simply struggle of our inner psychology. Whatever issue we deal with, the pain brings us to a sense of separation from this essence, and a contraction away from seeing the essence in others.

Susan also enjoys working with individuals in transition.  This is often where parts of the individual are unconsciously seeking integration into a powerful whole for maximizing personal potential and fulfillment. Susan is skilled in issues of relationships, parenting, divorce, learning and working styles, anxiety and fear, addiction, social skills, anger, grief and loss, and depression. Susan's own experiential inner and outer work lends to a style that offers caring and support, honesty and solutions, clarity and respect, and most importantly a regard for personal essence. Whether the focus is individual, couple, or families, Susan's approach is one of recognition and honoring of the deep essential nature of every client. 

Many times are patterns and our issues are not conscious, but we act them out in a way that creates pain for ourselves and others.  Hypnotherapy, release work, and non-verbal therapies (art, movement, creative expression) are excellent for helping the client to access inner knowing and personal resources so pain can be released. Susan uses concrete tools to gather information and  teach strategies for the professional workplace as well as the personal, balancing an information based cognitive approach with an intuitive base, and drawing on her background of psychodynamic, process oriented psychologies and family systems. Susan also offers seminars, workshops and trainings for the general public and professionals. 

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