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Social Skills

Did you know that social skills are learned? Many of us take this for granted. But emotional intelligence is one of the multiple intelligences defined by Howard Gardner. Through his model of intelligence which describes several areas where we might demonstrate brilliance such as musical or spatial abilities, Gardner illustrates how IQ is not simply intellectual ability. According to Gardner interpersonal intelligence is one aspect of intelligence.  Daniel Goleman is an expert on emotional intelligence which he sees as the ability to interpret the emotional tones of situations and problem solve for them effectively and spontaneously.

Sometimes we need a little assistance in tuning up the areas of interpersonal and emotional intelligence. Social competence is learned through modeling and coaching and having opportunities to practice various skills. Social confidence is the self assured nature that is gained from feeling effective when skills are successfully practiced. Social skills in children are complex to teach and they can be harder for adults to learn. Find out more about social anxiety in general and social skills training. Read about learning social acceptance. If you are interested in social skills for children, check into Kids' Club social skills training groups for children who can benefit from training. Kids' Club  is designed to teach children self acceptance and social skills in a group setting. Coaching in social skills is available for adults also.

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