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Learning Issues

What is A Learning Issue

A learning issues is anything that interferes with learning like a learning disability, attention deficit disorder, test anxiety, behavior problems, and depression. From these examples, one can see that the causes maybe organic, developmental, neurological, behavioral, and chemical. Both adults and children can have learning issues. Usually Learning Disabilities and AD/HD Attention Deficit Disorder manifest in childhood and become visible after the age of 6 when a child is in school. Individuals can sometimes function very well with learning issues until they get stresses and then problems show up either academically, behaviorally, or socially. Then one can find coping to be very difficult. By the time an individual is an adult, problems are compounded. But learning issues are not often diagnosed until adulthood when a person feels overwhelmed or unable to adjust to challenges. Assessing learning issues varies according to the individual but usually involves taking a complete educational and social/emotional history from the client or the  client's family and from those that know the client. assessment tools can include IQ and achievement tests as well as behavioral indicators and self reports. I prefer to include an assessment of a person's cognitive processing style as well as traditional assessment. Treatment can include counseling (individual and family), medication, remediation with learning strategies, modifying the learning environment, and group therapy such as social skills groups.
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