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Laws of the Mind

Law of Belief:
Whatever you believe you will become.

Law of Expectation:
Whatever your expectations are that will be the result. 

Law of Attraction:
We attract people and situations that harmonize with our most dominant thoughts.

Law of Concentration:
Whatever you focus on you increase.

Law of Substitution:
Opposing thoughts cannot be held at the same moment.

Law of Repetition:
The way to change an unconscious behavior is to repeat a new one.

Law of Relaxation:
The conscious mind exerts pressure in order to achieve. The subconscious mind lets go of pressure in order to achieve.

Law of Action
Each suggestion acted upon gives more receptivity to the next.

Law of Mind/Body Connection: 
Every thought has a corresponding action in the body.

Law of Imagination:
What you visualize is what you create.

Law of Computer Programming:
Garbage in is garbage out.

Law of Reflection: 
We attract to us whatever it is we need to work on in ourselves.



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