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Family Connection Holistic Healing Susan Burns MA LMHCAdults, children, and families have individual counseling needs and so do people in relationships. Family Connection brings a perspective that everything happens in context and has a solution. Counseling is solution oriented while evaluating with a global perspective for definite  goals and clear guidelines to specific solutions. (About Susan Burns).

Family Connection begins with the needs of the individual, and factors in values, preferences in approaches, as well as personal and relationship contextual history. A client centered approach is taken. Each person is unique and each context is unique, so information is gathered according to what is most valuable to selecting the most relevant approach for the client's therapy.

Some people require specific information such as a personal or relationship assessment. Sometimes the needs are practical like what to do in divorce or school issues, and sometimes behavioral therapy is needed  like in treating addictions. Some problems require deep healing and emotional release, while other times parents might need coaching. Counseling the whole family is possible while other times a child or adult needs support.

Whatever the needs, there are a variety of approaches that can be used from family systems to non-verbal therapies. It is your choice how it proceeds.

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